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(Logout Problems)
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Logout Problems

Problem Summary
  1. Logout button is not enabled.
  2. (IPCC specific): Agent gets logged out unexpectedly (did not intend to log out)
  3. (under all ACDs) Agents are getting intermittently logged out of their CTI applications
Error Message None.
Possible Cause
  1. Agent may not be in the appropriate state required for logout. #
  2. There are several possible causes of this symptom:
    1. There is a timeout called "Logout Non-activity time" that will logout an agent after a certain period of time (maximum 7200 seconds or 2 hours). It is part of the AgentDeskSettings and can be configured using the ICM Configuration Manager.
    2. There may be another CTI Toolkit using the same agent and instrument from another location. If that client logs out, your softphone will be logged out as well.
    3. If your agent is a member of an agent team, your supervisor may have logged you out.
    4. A status of Offline means that some element in the system has failed or gone offline.
  3. When the PIM is set to /LOAD 1, and two CTI OS Servers are connected to the same CTI Server, the following situation may occur:
    • Agent mode connection for agent A established to CTI OS A
    • Agent mode connection for agent A established to CTI OS B
    • Disconnect agent mode connection from CTI OS A
    • At this point, the agent using the application with the connection established to CTI OS B is logged out.
Recommended Action
  1. This varies from switch to switch. For example, with IPCC the agent has to be in a Not Ready state to be able to logout.
  2. There are several workarounds depending on the issue:
    1. The Logout Non-activity timeout cannot be disabled at this time.
    2. To prevent duplicate logins to the same agentID/instrument, use the registry key "RejectIfAlreadyLoggedIn" in the ConnectionProfile being used. For details, see the “Duplicate Login” information in the General Softphone: Login problems section.
    3. The system will automatically recover from this situation. Wait for the status bar to indicate Online and login again.
    4. Check the status bar.
  3. Under such conditions, to ensure that the agents are not logged out, configure the PIM for /LOAD 0.
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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