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Unified Expert Advisor DB Replication Errors

Problem Summary DB Replication is not working correctly. Expert Advisor reports in CUIC shows entity (agent, assignment queue, etc.) ID numbers in place of entity names.
Error Message

There are several possible methods of determining there is an issue with DB replication.

  1. In RTMT, view the Performance Tab > [SERVER_HOSTNAME]/Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication/Replicate_state
    1. If replication state does not equal "2" (healthy), then there is an error
    2. Check all of the servers. One may show a healthy status, but one or more of the other servers may show a status of "1" or "3" (not healthy).
  2. Check the output of the utils dbreplication status CLI command.
  3. Check the ercollect logs located in /common/download (requires root access). There will be *ifx* files (similar to [SERVER_HOSTNAME]_ifx_col_[DATE].tar), one file on each server (Primary Runtime, HA, and Reporting). Broken replication may show errors similar to:
    Error returned 17 at 1031
    Error returned 17 at 823
    command failed -- participants required for operation specified  (17)
Possible Cause DB replication is out of synch.
Recommended Action Drop all replication data and re-synch DB replication.

From the CLI:

  1. Execute utils dbreplication stop on the Reporting Server and High Availability Server
  2. Execute utils dbreplication stop on the Primary Runtime Server
  3. Execute utils dbreplication dropadmin db on all servers
  4. Execute utils dbreplication reset all on the Primary Runtime Server
Release Release 7.6(1)
Associated CDETS# None.

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