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The following are general notes about the contents of the gateway configuration file:

  • For the most part, all items in the configuration file are case insensitive. However, when defining a voice application to the gateway, the value for the parameter CVPSelfService-app must be given exactly as the application is stored on the CVP server. For example: param CVPSelfService-app HelloWorld (upper and lower case) is used because that application is stored on the CVP server using upper and lower case letters.
  • If you change the "service" definition (within the gateway configuration file) for a given application, you must reload that service on the gateway for the changes to be effective. For example, if you changed the service definition for customhelloworld, you would need to enter (on the command line): call app voice load customhelloworld
    Note: If you change the actual definition of the application (using Call Studio), it is not necessary to reload the application definition on the gateway; that definition has not changed and is not affected by the application changes made in Call Studio.

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