Gateway Troubleshooting: Pressing Digit 9 Causes No-Match

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Pressing Digit 9 Causes No-Match

Problem Summary In DTMF-only adapter, pressing digit 9 while using options causes no-match after 10 seconds.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause This delay is caused by the following link grammar in the root document for the DTMF-only adapter.

<link event="nomatch"> <grammar mode="dtmf"



Since the options are created with modal=false, the link grammar remains active in the Gateway DTMF-browser. On pressing 9, the Gateway starts to match this grammar and waits for the next input instead of returning a 'no-match' immediately.

Recommended Action When writing a VXML Server script for a DTMF-only adapter that uses the Get Digits, Forms, or n_Option_Menu elements, follow this procedure to avoid delay in processing the digit 9 when the script is executed.
  1. In the VXML Server script, insert a hotlink to an inline grammar. When configuring the hotlink’s grammar, the values of the digits must not match: –The value of any digit that is expected in response to the Get Digits element. –The value of an option number used in any n_Option_Menu element.
  2. If the inline grammar in Step 1 contains more than one digit, set the interdigittimeout in the root document properties to 5 seconds. For example:
    interdigittimeout 5s


If the VXML Server script uses 3_Option_Menu, where 1, 2, and 9 are valid options, then the inline grammar can have the value 8, but cannot have the value 1, 2, or 9.

Similarly, if the VXML Server script uses 9_Option_Menu, where digits 1 through 9 inclusive are valid options, then the inline grammar can have the value 99, and the interdigittimeout must be set to 5s.

If you are using a GetDigits element and have set the follow range: min=2, max=4, then the link grammar can be 99999, and you must set the interdigittimeout to 5 seconds.

If the script contains an Option Menu as well as GetDigits elements, you only need to set the link grammar once.

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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