Frequently Encountered Problems and Solutions for the Cisco Network Building Mediator and Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

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Frequently Encountered Problems and Solutions for the Cisco Network Building Mediator and Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager

1)Does Cisco publish a Distribution matrix that lists all the Mediator software images and its contents that can be downloaded by customers? Is this matrix available on

Ans)The release notes for the Mediator product include information on the distribution matrix. This matrix provides information on the image file name and its related contents. Click [1] to read the Cisco Network Building Mediator Release notes on

2)In the Mediator Manager Interface, what tasks can be performed using the Upload License button?

Ans)The Upload License button currently does not have any functionality associated with it.

3)In the Mediator Manager interface in the System tab, the details of the devices and points managed in the Mediator Manager are not displayed.

Ans) This problem occurs when the license is not enabled. The licensing on the Mediator side with MGMT should be enabled on the Cisco Network Building Mediator and after the connection to the Mediator Manager is established, the Mediator Manager interface displays the details of devices and points managed in the System tab.

4)I have saved the license file and installed it using the normal upload procedure. But the Mediator does not indicate that the license file is installed, even though the file is in the config folder.

Ans) Generally, a license file is issued based on the entitlements associated with your Cisco Sales order. Typically, a system administrator installs these license files, as they can authorize the license key. If you are not the system administrator, then send the license key along with any attachments that you received to your system administrator. If the problem recurs even when your system administrator installs the license, then contact Cisco TAC to get a new license key generated.

5)In our network, after a reboot the Mediator fails to communicate.

Ans)If you experience this problem even after couple of reboot, and if the status LED shows amber light, it indicates hardware failure. . You must open a service request. While opening a service request, mention the serial number of the Mediator.

6)How do I upgrade the Mediator Framework for NBM 4800k9?

Ans) Perform the following steps to upgrade your Mediator Framework :

•Scp the upgrade file (i.e cisco.nbm-mgr-3.1.1.release.1-moe25.tgz) to /usr/libSSH/Putty into the Mediator and run the following commands:

I. $ init 2 II. $ mv/var/mpx/www/http/var/mpx/www/httpGood III. $mv/var/mpx/config/broadway.xml/var/mpx/config/broadwayGood.xml IV. $ cd /usr/lib/ V. $ rm -rf broadway VI. $ tar xzvf cisco.nbm-mgr-3.1.1.release.1-moe25.tgz VII. $ cd broadway VIII. $ ./install cisco.nbm IX. $ mv/var/mpx/www/httpGood/var/mpx/www/http X. $mv/var/mpx/config/broadwayGood.xml/var/mpx/config/broadway.xml XI. $ init 3

Note: For Mediator Operating Environment (MOE) upgrade contact Cisco TAC.

7)The license generated using the Product Authorization Key (PAK) issued by Cisco is not accepted and shows disabled or not updated.

Ans)Generate the licenses only for t the Eth0 MAC ID or Eth1 MAC ID and check for the correct Product Authorization Code (PAK) code.

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