Failure when Updating Outbound Subsystem Configuration

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Failure when Updating Outbound Subsystem Configuration

Problem Summary Failure when updating Outbound Subsystem config or other config using CRS Administration pages of Node 1, in a 5.0(2) cluster that got upgraded from 5.0(1) SR1.
Error Message ConfigException occurred.
Possible Cause This issue happens in 5.0(2) HA cluster that got upgraded from 5.0(1)/5.0(1)SR1 HA cluster. It happens due to the SQL Server Linked Server used for Config Datastore replication between two nodes, resets on upgrade to 5.0(2) to point to itself. It means that Node 1 SQL Server LinkedServer points back to itself, instead of pointing to Node 2.
Recommended Action

Deactivate the Config Datastore and Historical Datastore from CRS Administration: Control Center > Component Activation pages on Node 2 and then reactive them. This sets back the Node 1 SQL Server Linked Server to point to Node 2. After this, the Config updates are possible.

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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