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To show the version of the firmware on each managed node, use the show versions command.

show versions [managed-nodes]

Syntax Description

managed-nodes (Optional) Displays only the versions of the specified managed nodes.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.

Usage Guidelines

Unlike most commands, the show versions command works on the current scan if the scan is not complete.
The show versions command displays different version information depending upon your system hardware and software:
  • For hosts running the Cisco IB stack, the version displayed is the version of the installed ib-mod RPM.
  • For hosts running the OFED stack, the version displayed is the version reported by ofed_info, which whould be the OFED driver release.
  • For SFS OS switches, the version displayed is the system version reported by the show versions command.
  • For OEM switches, the version displayed is the version reported by the fwVersion command.


The following example shows the versions of all managed nodes in the subnet:
 fact> show versions
  name                    version
  ----------------------- --------------------------------------------------
  host01                  Cisco rhel4-2.6.9-42.ELsmp-3.2.0-148
  switchA                 Topspin-90 SFS OS 2.10.0-ALPHA releng #613 11/05/2007 21:36:18
  switchB                 SFS-7000D SFS OS 2.11.0-ALPHA releng #91 03/02/2008 00:07:09

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