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To show the unicast destinations that are forwarded through each specified egress port, use the show destinations command.

show destinations [switches | ports] [guids]

Syntax Description

switches (Optional) Shows destinations from the specified switch ports.
ports (Optional) Shows destinations from the specified ports.
guids (Optional) Shows GUIDs for each destination.

Command Default

If no port is specifed, then the default is to show all ports.


The following is sample output from the show destinations command, and it shows all unicast destinations that egress chip switchA/1/3 through port 1:
  fact> show destinations switchA/1:3/1
  Egress port switchA/1:3/1:
  destination                      lid
  -------------------------------- -----
  switchA/1:2/0                    16
  host01/1/1                       792

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