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Note: In the FACT Alpha II release, the following commands are not implemented: routes, monitored-counters, raw counters, threshold counters. Use separate commands to perform these functions: scan routes, scan port counters raw, scan port counters monitored, scan port counters monitored threshold. Each of these commands performs a fabric scan and collects the additional data. (The separate commands listed in the previous sentence are not documented in this guide for the Alpha release.)

To scan the static connectivity of the subnet and collect information from and about the Subnet Managers, use the scan fabric command.

scan fabric [routes] [raw-counters] [monitored-counters] [threshold-counters] [subnet-manager | sm managed-node]

Syntax Description

routes (Optional) Collects routing information from the master Subnet Manager.
raw-counters (Optional) Collects raw port counters from the master Subnet Manager.
monitored-counters (Optional) Collects monitored port counters from the master Subnet Manager.
threshold-counters (Optional) Collects threshold-exceeded port counters.
subnet-manager (Optional) Overrides the discovered master Subnet Manager.
sm (Optional) Overrides the discovered master Subnet Manager.
managed-node (Optional) Scans the configured managed-nodes.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.

Usage Guidelines

The scan will fail if the specified managed-node is not a master Subnet Manager.


The following example shows scanning the fabric and also collecting route information and raw port counter information:
  fact> scan fabric routes raw-counters
  Scanning host01
  Scanning switchA
  Scanning switchB
  Scanning Master Subnet Manager at host01

Related Commands

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scan tech-support

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