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As an Alpha release, this release of FACT is not feature-complete.

The following list contains some of the features that are unimplemented or incomplete:

  • Prompts for user passwords if the credential files do not specify a password.
  • Command-line editing, similar to HSM or SFS-OS command-line interface editing.
  • Annotating LIDs and MLIDs.
  • Monitoring logs--Similar to annotating except that the monitor will continue to watch for new messages.
  • Monitor mode--FACT will run as a daemon to monitor logs and send their annotations back to the syslog.
  • Port control--FACT will have the capability of enabling a port, disabling a port, or changing port speed and port width. All changes can be made with a single command, and all changes will be persistent.
  • Firmware upgrades--FACT will have the capability of using a single command to upgrade firmware on a set of switches.
  • Additional queries--The following commands will be added:
    • show changes
    • show isolated managed-nodes
    • show multicast groups
    • show routes
The show changes command will compare the current scan against another scan and report network elements that have been added, removed, or moved.

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