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This section describes how to use FACT.


Before FACT can perform other network tasks, you must first scan the network to determine which hosts and switches are in the network and to determine how they are connected. FACT scans an entire subnet at the same time, connecting to each managed Cisco switch and, optionally, to each port.

FACT has four scan types:

  • Fabric scan--Finds the static configuration of the network. After collecting a fabric scan, FACT can display the network components and show how they are connected.
  • Tech-support scan--Collects information that can be forwarded to a customer-support organization. A tech-support scan includes a fabric scan, which FACT can use, although FACT does not use the additional information. FACT saves that information for an expert to inspect.
  • Port-counters scan--Collects port counters from the Performance Manager, in addition to the data collected in a fabric scan. See Port Counters for more information.
  • Incomplete scan--A scan that has failed, either because of misconfiguration or because devices are not responding. The most common reason for an incomplete scan is either because the configuration does not include the device that is running the master Subnet Manager or because it includes two master Subnet Managers. In either case, change your configuration so that it includes exactly one master Subnet Manager. Alternately, you can force FACT to use the correct master Subnet Manager by setting subnet-manager: in the .fact.conf file or with the subnet-manager hostname command option.

Note: If you are using the High-Performance Subnet Manager, then you must allow FACT to scan the hosts running HSM.

You can use the --trace command option to show FACT communication with each managed node as it scans.

The following list contains FACT scanning commands:

  • scan fabric
  • scan tech-support
  • scan counters raw
  • scan counters monitored
  • scan counters threshold
  • reset port-counters

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