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FACT is a tool to aid in bringing up and debugging InfiniBand networks. FACT analyzes an InfiniBand network and builds a coherent model of the relationships between InfiniBand objects (nodes, ports, GUIDs, and LIDs) and physical objects (chassis, cards, and ports). FACT also does the following:

  • Provides tools to explore the relationships between InfiniBand objects and physical objects
  • Enables you to annotate logs, especially Subnet Manager logs, turning each GUID into a meaningful location in a chassis
  • Collects InfiniBand port counters and displays them, also with meaningful locations

FACT is a command-line tool that runs on Linux and has its own command interpreter. You can either start FACT and interactively enter commands or invoke a single command directly from the shell.

When FACT scans an InfiniBand network, it connects through secure shell (ssh) to each switch on the network and optionally to each host. FACT does not need to run on a host that is directly connected to the InfiniBand network.

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