F.A.Q. for COP files

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F.A.Q for COP Files

Problem Summary Customers and partners frequently have questions about what a COP file is. Below are answers to these frequently asked questions.
Question 1 What is a COP file?
Answer 1 The COP file is a “Cisco Options Package” file. It is a compressed TAR file or a RPM file that has a .cop file extension instead of “.tar” or “.rpm”. The software installer untars the cop file and looks for a “copstart.sh” script inside of it. The copstart.sh script will contain all the logic to install the accompanying files. This script is run with root privileges.
Question 2 How is a COP file different from a ET?
Answer 2 ET stands for Engineering Trial which is a friendly delivery to customers. COP is an official delivery of fixes. Usually, in ET we deliver the jar files directly and provide steps to replace in the customer testbed. COP files have a standard procedure to install which will internally take care of installing the jar files on the customer test bed. There is difference in QA coverage as well. While ETs cover only specific defect verification and delivered quickly to the customer, COPs have multiple areas of coverage.
Question 3 Is a COP file mandatory for ALL customers?
Answer 3 Not always. There are some COP files which are needed for ALL customers, and they get posted along with the UCCX image in CCO. There are COPs posted along with 8.5(1)SU1 version which is applicable for all the customers. In most cases, we do COPs for individual customers.
Question 4 Are COP files Cumulative?
Answer 4 So far it hasn’t been the case in UCCX, COP files have been provided on per customer needs. But we are exploring the option of making COP files cumulative, very similar to the Engineering Specials in Windows Releases. Right now it is on a case by case basis so this would be good to clarify for the specific COP you are installing.
Question 5 Can COP files be UnInstalled?
Answer 5 No. COP files cannot be UnInstalled. A special request needs to be placed to the Engineering Team, who will prepare a Reverse-COP to undo the changes to the COP file provided. Otherwise, the Engineering Team can manually uninstall the COP file.
Question 6 Will COP files get Rolled up into the NEXT SU / MR ?
Answer 6 Yes. The fixes provided in the COP files will be folded into the next Service Update (SU) and eventually into the next MR for that version.

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