Error in Cisco Unified CCX Administration when trying to upload a large prompt.wav file

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Error in Cisco Unified CCX Administration when trying to upload a prompt .wav file larger than 20MB (204800 Bytes)

Problem Summary An error is displayed in Cisco Unified CCX Administration when you try to upload a prompt .wav file in excess of 20MB (204800 Bytes).
Error Message The page cannot be displayed.
Possible Cause The .wav file is larger than the limit of 20MB (204800 Bytes). This limit is set by IIS in the configuration file %WINDIR%\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml; setting AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed.
Recommended Action

Use an audio editing program to split the audio file into multiple pieces, each of which whose size is less than 20MB (204800 Bytes).

e.g., If you have a 40MB prompt .wav file named myPromptMessage.wav, split it into four 10MB prompt .wav files, and upload them to the Prompt Repository. Your play prompt step should look like this:

Play Prompt(--Triggering Contact--, P[myPromptMessagePart1.wav] + P[myPromptMessagePart2.wav] + P[myPromptMessagePart3.wav] + P[myPromptMessagePart4.wav])

Try to choose natural spoken pauses to split the file on. i.e., Don't split the file right in the middle of a word, but rather, in between sentences.

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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