End Call: Call remains on the appearance grid after call end

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Call remains on the appearance grid after call end

Problem Summary Call remains on the softphone call appearance grid after call end.
Error Message None.
Possible Cause Usually, this problem is indicative of not having received or missing an end call event.
Recommended Action Possible things to check for:
  • Check if your agent is in Wrapup state. If it is, then enter wrapup data (if desired) and click the Available/Ready or Not Ready button to get out of this state and the call should disappear from the grid.
  • Check the status bar. A status of Offline means that some element in the system has failed or gone offline. The system will automatically recover from this situation. Wait for the status bar to indicate Online and the call should disappear from the grid.
  • If the call is indeed gone from the phone (that is, no voice), and you still cannot get rid of the call entry in the grid, you can logout, and log back in and that should clear it. If however the call reappears again after the login, then it must still be in a Wrapup state somewhere in the system, so you or another party that was on the call must end it by changing the agent state to Available or Not Ready.
Note Note: In CTI OS Release 7.0 onwards, an ENABLE_CLEARCALL bit mask indicates that it is appropriate to clear all call connections.
Release Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None.

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