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Problem Summary TAC/Customers may need the linux root account in some scenarios. The root account is locked down and is enabled on request.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA
Recommended Action
  • Run the CLI commands
  1. utils remote_account enable
  2. utils remote_account create rootuser 30
 Account Successfully created
 Account        : rootuser
 Passphrase     : 66RFFQGTXB
 Expiry         : 12-30-2009:12:00:00 (MM-DD-YYYY:Hr:Min:Sec)
  • Request password generation form the tool at https://remotesupporttool.cisco.com/ using the Account and the Passphase generated by the CLI command.
  • Login to the tool using CEC credentials and then go to "Application" -> "Generate Password".
  • Enter the account name and passphrase from the output of the CLI command 'utils remote_account create'. Then enter the defect id, the TAC case id and notes.
  • Click "Generate Password" and the password will be generated.
  • Login to the customer box using the username and the password generated by the tool.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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