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Problem Summary TAC need to have root login details in order to run CET. Root login can be enabled using remote user account for UCCX server.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA
Recommended Action
  • Run the CLI commands
  1. utils remote_account enable
  2. utils remote_account create rootuser 30
 Account Successfully created
 Account        : rootuser
 Passphrase     : 66RFFQGTXB
 Expiry         : 12-30-2009:12:00:00 (MM-DD-YYYY:Hr:Min:Sec)
  • Request password generation form the tool at https://remotesupporttool.cisco.com/ using the Account and the Passphase generated by the CLI command.
  • Login to the tool using CEC credentials and then go to "Application" -> "Generate Password".
  • Enter the account name and passphrase from the output of the CLI command 'utils remote_account create'. Then enter the defect id, the TAC case id and notes.
  • Click "Generate Password" and the password will be generated.
  • Login to the customer box using the username and the password generated by the tool.
  • To enable root login, run the Root login enable command as given in CET TAC TOI presentation/VOD.
  • Use this root login to run CET.
  • After using CET, disable root login using Root login disable command as given in CET TAC TOI presentation/VOD.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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