Enabling CME Tracing

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Enabling CME Tracing

Problem Summary Any issue which requires CME tracing to be enabled.
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA
Recommended Action 1. Enable the traces by running the following command on the CME console.
     service timestamps debug datetime msec
     service timestamps log datetime msec
     logging buffered 1000000
     logging rate-limit 10000
     no logging console
     sh ver
     sh run
     sh sip-ua
     deb ccsip all
     deb voip ccapi inout
     deb voip vtsp all
     debug callmon info
     sh deb

2. Perform all the tests.
3. Turn off all the debugging by running.

     u all

4. Get the contents of the log buffer using the following command.

     sh logging
Release Release 5.0(1) onwards
Associated CDETS # The DDTS/CDETS should be visible on Bug Tool Kit. If it not visible, state "None." Do not list internal bugs in this field.

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