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The Unified ICM scripting tool provides a monitoring mode that enables you to track the progress of a call through the Unified ICM script. This mode is especially helpful for both complex and simple scripts in the comprehensive exercise, the as it provides the following valuable information:

  • Indicates whether or not the call reached the Unified ICM portion of the call flow.
  • Indicates whether or not the call completed specific parts of the script and, if there is more than one path in the script, which path the call took.
Problem Summary

Enable ICM script monitoring

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Recommended Action

To enable the script monitoring function, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the ICM server and open the script editor.
  2. Open the script you wish to monitor and click the monitoring icon (set of blocks with a magnifying glass) or select Script > Monitor Script.
    The script editor displays the script with green boxes indicating how many times a call flow has reached each box.
    ICM ScriptMonitoring1.png
  3. Place a call and wait a few seconds.
    In the following example, the user placed five calls with the following results:
  • The ICM system successfully set the variables for all five calls.
  • Three of the calls completed properly as indicated by the 60% box.
  • Two calls were terminated early (in this test, by the user hanging up) as indicated by the 40% box.
  • None of the calls was sent to the error path as indicated by the 0% box.

Note: In the comprehensive exercise you create two ICM scripts. To monitor the calls from the other dialed number, switch to the other ICM script.



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