EIM/WIM 4.3(x) Troubleshooting Training

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Arm students with skills necessary to troubleshoot EIM/WIM. While it is not possible for these scenarios to cover every possible problem that may arise, the knowledge gained can be recycled and reapplied in new issues.

Pre-requisite videos are available to ensure a basic knowledge of EIM/WIM installation, configuration, and integration with UCCE prior to starting the Troubleshooting Training content.

This training content was presented to global support and is being made available externally for all customers and partners to utilize at their own pace.



Day 1

Training Pod Overview


System Startup

Day 2

Agents and Login

Activity Routing

Day 3

Integrated Email Flow

Email Failures

Day 4

Chat Flow

Cisco Media Blender

Day 5

UI Issues


Platform Failures


Product Documentation

Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager

Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager

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