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Can't have Instance(s) without a Process.

  • Process = "Planet"
  • Instance = "Continents"
  • Can't have Continents without the Planet!


Who has the power?

  • Individual Lines of Business Administrators can have their own Instances. By restricting permission to an instance, they will not be able to impact other instances under the same process.
  • Process management can ONLY be done from Partition 0. Out of the box, this is accessed by using the "sa" user.

Once logged in to Partition 0 as SA, start/stop/check/modify a Process


Once the process is running, the Instance can be started/stopped/checked/modified from other partitions


Automatic Start vs On-Demand "Best Practice"

Some administrators prefer to set Processes to start "On-Demand," and Instances to start "Automatic." This can sometimes help with startup issues, and will do away with a need to log in as the SA user when PA wants to start an instance.

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