EIM-WIM Distributed Deployment Basics

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Reference Chapter 2 of the 4.3 SRND for details of a distributed deployment model. For purposes of this training course:

Server Name Primary Purpose
Database Server SQL Server 2005 Databases
File & Messaging Server EIM/WIM application files, process logs, etc, accessed by other servers via "Cisco" UNC share.

Messaging Server is "overseer" of all Application Servers

Services Server Runs almost all java.exe and javaw.exe processes
Application Server Runs JBoss servers
Web Server Runs IIS, hosts all agent and customer chat connections

EIMWIM Component chart FINAL.png


  • File server path is configured (hardcoded) during component installation.
  • The startup files of all processes and Application servers specify where all logging should occur.
  • C:\CIM\eService\config\egpl_log4j.xml tells processes what to name their log files.

Single Points of Failure

  1. Services Server
  2. File Server
  3. Database Server(s) (If no DB clustering)
  4. Messaging Server

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