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Donabe is an application for OpenStack that enables the creation of recursively designed application containers, consisting of Nova Servers and Quantum Networks and Routers. It is currently being developed at Cisco, and is to be released as a free, open source application in the near future.

You can find more information in the presentation given at the April 2013 OpenStack Developers Summit - video and slides located here.



Donabe was first proposed by Debo Dutta and Rick Clark at the OpenStack Essex Developers Summit in 2011. Information and links to the original proposal can be found on the OpenStack wiki here.

Further Development

Development of Donabe started in earnest in early 2013 in the CTO Cloud Lab under Lew Tucker, after the application template system in Curvature was deemed useful enough to be broken out into a separate service. Donabe and Curvature have remained closely connected, with Curvature providing full GUI support for all Donabe services. The work done at Cisco explores the original Donabe concept with a focus on building Quantum L2/L3 virtual network topologies.

Relation To Other Projects

Donabe is conceptually similar to HEAT, but differs in some areas.

HEAT focuses on configuration of virtual machines, while Donabe focuses on configuration of virtual network topologies consisting of pre-configured virtual machine images. Donabe is intended to be used for the design of self-contained generic application components that can be used for the building of larger application topologies. For example, a load-balanced multi-node database container that could be used in the design of a web server application.

It is also not as deeply integrated into OpenStack as HEAT, requiring only a simple Rails server with access to the OpenStack API services.


Installation instructions will be made available once Donabe has been released to the public.

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