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Any Cisco customer, partner or employee with a account is welcome to contribute to or change the content of this wiki.

To ensure that DocWiki remains useful and accurate, please try to restrict your contributions to:

  • Only the Cisco products covered here.
  • Only the Cisco product documentation posted here.

DocWiki is currently in pilot, so the number of products and documents included here is very limited. This will change once DocWiki is in production.

In-Scope Content

As a general rule, if the information you are adding would be found in a typical printed Cisco manual, it is appropriate for DocWiki. This includes the kind of information found in Cisco:

  • Command reference manuals
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Design guides
  • Release notes

In addition to these kinds of content, we encourage you to contribute:

  • Original articles that expand on or supplement Cisco product documentation.
  • Examples of any kind (such as configurations, implementation checklists, etc.).
  • Corrections to errors you find in the Cisco manuals.
  • Clarifications (or requests for clarification) of ambiguous content in Cisco manuals.
  • Links to offsite articles that amplify the information found on DocWiki.
  • Content categories that do not already exist on DocWiki but make it easier for users to find content.
  • Comments and suggestions on how the Cisco documentation or other DocWiki contributions could be improved.

Out-of-Scope Content

Please note that this is not a general-purpose wiki containing any kind of information about any topic. Please confine your efforts to the kinds of contributions listed above. Other contributions may be considered out of scope. DocWiki administrators and content stewards have wide discretion in determining whether a given contribution is out of scope, and may edit, move, recategorize, or (in rare cases) delete it. The following kinds of contributions would be considered out of scope:

  • Detailed tutorial and application information that reproduces information found in Cisco Press books.
  • Information that would identify a specific customer's use of Cisco products.
  • Detailed case studies.
  • Sales and marketing collateral.
  • Non-collaborative content, such as video or pages that contain only links to other sites.
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