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Adding Your Categories to the Topic Map

In MediaWiki, you make your category part of a topic map by making it subcategory of that topic.

Put the desired category in your article, using the guidelines below:
After saving the category, go to the newly created category and make it a subcategory of Cisco Product, System, or Technology:
  [[Category:Cisco Product]]

Category Organization

Categories on DocWiki are organized by topics. The following flowchart shows the organization.



Please follow these guidelines for DocWiki categories:

  • Users should tag articles with all appropriate categories (Cisco Products, Technologies). This will allow readers to access content through multiple paths.
  • In general, categories should be as specific as possible. However, sometimes a general category is a better choice than a specific category, depending on the content. Use your discretion.
  • Where applicable, categories should match the name of the lowest applicable level of MDF. If the content here will someday be tied to SupportWiki or, consistent terminology will be important.
  • All pages should be marked with a category.
  • Categories should include more than one article.
  • Do not include "Cisco" in product names for categories. This will cause all products to appear under "C", which defeats the purpose of indexing. However, "Cisco" must be part of the product names in the actual articles. This guideline only applies to categories.
  • There are pages that show category usage, and the Governance team can review those from time to time to see what is being used and to ensure that the categories follow the guidelines.

See the MediaWiki help on Categories for more information.

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