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DocWiki is an experiment in next-generation documentation for Cisco products. DocWiki seeks to empower our users to directly improve our documentation rather than relying on filing bug reports when they notice an error. In addition, DocWiki allows users to enhance documentation by contributing information and experience-based knowledge.

The result, we hope, is that DocWiki will result in an overall improvement to the quality and completeness of our documentation by making community-provided changes immediately available to DocWiki users. For the time being, our traditional documentation will remain the official source for information regarding product functionality for warranty purposes and the like. See our Terms of Use for more information about this. Eventually, we expect to label specific page revisions as "official," indicating that they have been reviewed by Cisco documentation editors and are believed to be correct.

DocWiki is based on the MediaWiki software platform, and as such shares a common markup language with many other wikis, including Wikipedia. However, the policies and guidelines used by DocWiki differ significantly from Wikipedia in some areas; you are encouraged to become familiar with these.


In order to be a credible source of documentation that serves, involves, and inspires the extended Cisco technical community, DocWiki must be viewed as a forum for honest and open exchange of useful information about the use of Cisco products. Toward that end, the information must be accurate, precise, and have a minimal perceived bias toward Cisco and Cisco products.

The forum must be viewed as a safe place to exchange ideas.

The participation of the broader community of contributors must produce a documentation set more rich and complete than one produced only through the current documentation process.

Though the wiki may be segregated into parts, the wiki should seek to be a single, cohesive source. For example, one proposed segregation of the wiki might be that a portion of the wiki may mirror the canonical, traditionally-produced documentation and another portion can be exclusively for community content. While this may be expedient for internal goals, it goes against the spirit and intent of a wiki space.

--Mguthrie 12:19, 25 January 2008 (EST)[MG: not sure what this last paragraph means; should we remove it altogether, or can we phrase it differently so that it makes sense to customers?]

--EAS, Jan 25, 2008: What about this: The wiki should seek to be a single, cohesive source. Segregating the wiki into parts, for example, having one portion of the wiki mirror the canonical, traditionally produced documentation and another portion be provided exclusively for community content, may be expedient for internal goals but it goes against the spirit and intent of a wiki space.


Read access to DocWiki is public and does not require a login; creation and editing of content requires login. Registered users of that are Cisco customers, partners, and employees can log in to DocWiki using their credentials. Currently, users with guest accounts on may not log in to DocWiki; that rule may be liberalized as we gain more experience managing the wiki.

--Eset 11:18, 30 January 2008 (EST) We should probably add another pointer to the terms of use here.

Policies and Guidelines

DocWiki content is intended to be comparable in content and accuracy to traditional Cisco documentation.

Policies and guidelines can be found at:

  1. DocWiki:Scope summarizes the types of content that are appropriate for inclusion on DocWiki.
  2. DocWiki:No Proprietary Information describes the requirements that DocWiki contain only public information, and for sanitization of examples.
  3. DocWiki:Article Titling describes the style and format for article titles, to help users find articles and avoid collisions between article names.
  4. DocWiki:Vulnerabilities outlines the policies with respect to publishing information on product security vulnerabilities.
  5. DocWiki:No Promotion details the requirement that DocWiki not be used to promote products or services, Cisco's or otherwise.

--Eset 11:51, 30 January 2008 (EST) We should add a link to a section that covers style and formatting guidelines for content.

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