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  • If Auto Responses are used, increase the workflow partition setting for max Auto Response number/count (see screenshot for Workflow Partition Settings)
  • Don’t use completion node in Outbound workflows
  • Don’t write Update statements for Activity and Case attributes in custom rules
    • Programmatically set it in memory, by using SetAttribute
  • Don’t use Custom Statuses. Rather, use Custom Attributes.

Dispatcher not able to connect to server

  • Is the server down?
  • Was SMTP or ESMTP service ever stopped?
  • At the SMTP/ESMTP level, check maximum number of connections allowed for the SMTP/ESMTP server.

Operation timed out while connecting to the server

  • Increase the Dx socket timeout in <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/config/dispatcher/egpl_dispatcherconfig.properties file. (Maximum recommended = 5 minutes)

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message "550 5.0.0 Please call the helpdesk for access to this mail relay."

  • Services server IP address should be added to ACL for allowing SMTP relay. Contact IT support for this.

eg_log_<Server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for …”

  • Services server IP address should be added to ACL for allowing SMTP relay. Contact IT support for this

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message “554 Message refused”

  • E-Mail refused by SMTP server – Spam, Virus or Restricted attachment at server

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550-Potentially executable content. If you meant to send this file then please package it up as a zip file and resend it”

  • E-Mail contains attachment perceived as malicious by SMTP server
  • Delete the attachment so that E-Mail gets delivered without attachment, by running the following query on Active DB:
  • update egpl_casemgmt_activity set num_attachments=0 where activity_id = <provide activity_id>

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message “552 Message size exceeds maximum permitted”

  • Server rejecting mails higher than allowed size (allowed size is controlled by the Max body size for dispatcher partition setting).
  • Mails keep getting retried – so increase size limit or delete large attachment
  • Connect at port 25; EHLO, 250-SIZE XXX, MAIL FROM:<some_E-Mail_address> SIZE=XXX

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550 Unauthenticated relaying not allowed(#5.7.1)”

  • Server expects ESMTP protocol while alias is configured for SMTP.

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