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[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified ICM/CCE & Hosted, Release 7.5]]
[[Category:Unified CCE, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCE, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified ICM/Contact Center Enterprise & Hosted | Troubleshooting]]

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  • If Auto Responses are used, increase the workflow partition setting for max Auto Response number/count (see screenshot for Workflow Partition Settings)
  • Don’t use completion node in Outbound workflows
  • Don’t write Update statements for Activity and Case attributes in custom rules
    • Programmatically set it in memory, by using SetAttribute
  • Don’t use Custom Statuses. Rather, use Custom Attributes.

Dispatcher not able to connect to server

  • Is the server down?
  • Was SMTP or ESMTP service ever stopped?
  • At the SMTP/ESMTP level, check maximum number of connections allowed for the SMTP/ESMTP server.

Operation timed out while connecting to the server

  • Increase the Dx socket timeout in <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/config/dispatcher/egpl_dispatcherconfig.properties file. (Maximum recommended = 5 minutes)

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message "550 5.0.0 Please call the helpdesk for access to this mail relay."

  • Services server IP address should be added to ACL for allowing SMTP relay. Contact IT support for this.

eg_log_<Server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for …”

  • Services server IP address should be added to ACL for allowing SMTP relay. Contact IT support for this

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message “554 Message refused”

  • E-Mail refused by SMTP server – Spam, Virus or Restricted attachment at server

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550-Potentially executable content. If you meant to send this file then please package it up as a zip file and resend it”

  • E-Mail contains attachment perceived as malicious by SMTP server
  • Delete the attachment so that E-Mail gets delivered without attachment, by running the following query on Active DB:
  • update egpl_casemgmt_activity set num_attachments=0 where activity_id = <provide activity_id>

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log file contains message “552 Message size exceeds maximum permitted”

  • Server rejecting mails higher than allowed size (allowed size is controlled by the Max body size for dispatcher partition setting).
  • Mails keep getting retried – so increase size limit or delete large attachment
  • Connect at port 25; EHLO, 250-SIZE XXX, MAIL FROM:<some_E-Mail_address> SIZE=XXX

eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.logfile contains message “550 Unauthenticated relaying not allowed(#5.7.1)”

  • Server expects ESMTP protocol while alias is configured for SMTP.

– Useful Information

Reasons for Undispatchable E-Mails

  • Number of attachments specified in E-Mail data object does not match with the list of attachment objects attached to it.
  • The data for the specified Alias or the SMTP preference set is not available.
  • Invalid 'From' or ‘To’ E-Mail address.
  • Invalid attachment
  • Policy restrictions
  • All 5xx response code errors from SMTP server

Important files

  • Logs
    • <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/logs/eg_log_<server_name>_dx-process.log OR batch-exec-dx-process.txt

Important Preferences

  • Default SMTP dispatcher preferences
  • Dispatcher Notification To and From addresses
  • Number of new mails to dispatch
  • Number of retry E-Mails to dispatch
  • Dispatcher Service Failover delay
  • IO Timeout – Read timeout errors

Important properties (<Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/config/dispatcher/egpl_dispatcherconfig.properties)

  • Dx.debug flag
  • Dx.Socket timeout – Connection timeout value to SMTP
  • Dx.NumE-MailPending – Allowable maximum number of activities pending for dispatch
  • Dx.AgeE-MailPending – Allowable maximum age (in minutes) of oldest activity
  • Other properties used in Notifications


  • Processing time indicates cycle processing time
  • Undispatchable E-Mails

Notification scenarios

  • The SMTP server is not specified in the Alias details or in the SMTP preference settings.
  • The specified SMTP server name can not be resolved by the DNS.
  • Connection could not be established with the specified SMTP server.
  • Authentication failure on the ESMTP server.
  • Connection loss while sending E-Mail.
  • Number of attachments specified in E-Mail data object does not match with the list of attachment objects attached to it.
  • The data for the specified Alias or the SMTP preference set is not available.
  • Invalid From E-Mail address.
  • Invalid To E-Mail address.
  • Invalid attachment – read permissions not granted to storage folder.
  • Policy restrictions – particular address, domain.
  • All 5xx response code errors from SMTP server.

Notification scenarios

  • If the number of pending (for dispatch) E-Mails exceeds the defined maximum number of pending E-Mails.
  • If the age (in minutes) of the oldest pending (for dispatch) E-Mail exceeds the defined maximum age of pending E-Mail.

Restart scenarios

  • Dispatcher crashes due to error, e.g., lack of memory
  • Dispatcher hangs due to db deadlocks or waiting for response from mail-server

Notification not reaching the recipient

  • Is the message notification getting generated in egpl_message table of Active DB? If yes, the problem may be an indication that Messaging functionality is not working. Check if normal Messaging functionality works fine.
  • If there is no message notification, and if the notification was to be sent by the Alarm Workflow, check if the Alarm schedule has been met. Set log level to FINEST (for Workflow modules in the Logger section of System Console), and check for message ‘Executing Workflow:xxx’ in <Unified EIM / Unified WIM Install Dir>/logs/eg_log_<server_name>_rules-process.log OR eg_log_<server_name>_rules-cache-process.log.
  • Check whether alarm condition returns true

Workflow does not seem to get executed Check schedule

  • Configure notification to see if workflow is working
  • Check filter

Single instance per partition implies that more heap size is required for the Alarms process

  • Allocate more heap size for the Alarms process, if there are a large number of Alarm workflows in a partition
  • One instance per process

Case based alarms

  • Cannot have a queue start node
  • Cannot have nodes after Alarm node

Telnet commands for SMTP

  • telnet <hostname> 25 – to connect
  • EHLO <domain name or machine name>
  • mail from:<from-E-Mail-address>
  • rcpt to:<recipient-address>
  • data
  • <type E-Mail content to be dispatched>
  • <type period(.)> - period on a new line signifies end of content
  • E-Mail gets sent on pressing Enter, after the period

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