Device Association Status for Call Control Groups/Triggers Shows User Does Not Exist in Data Resync Results

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Problem Summary If Telephony User is deleted in Cisco Unified CM and Data Resync is done for Call Control Groups/Triggers and User, Device Association status for Call Control Groups/Triggers shows “User doesn’t exist.”
Error Message NA
Possible Cause Call Control Groups/Triggers Resync is done before Telephony User Resync and at that time the Telephony User doesn’t exist in Cisco Unified CM, so status will be displayed as mentioned. But during Data Resync of Telephony User(s), user(s) will be created in Cisco Unified CM and all the devices will be associated as well.
Recommended Action If any error is displayed in the results, perform Data Check to verify the data
Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCtj36624, CSCtj43801

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