Desktop Errors: Network Connections

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Desktop Errors: Network Connections

Problem Summary Errors might appear in the desktop for various network issues.
Error Message 1. The desktop is having trouble connecting to the server, please check your network connection.

2. The desktop is having trouble making network requests. Please contact the administrator.

3. The desktop is having trouble connecting to the notification server. Please try refreshing the page or sign back in. Contact your administrator if the problem persists.

'Possible Cause Various. See below.
Recommended Action 1. This error indicates that your network is offline.

2. The Finesse server is in a bad state and cannot process the request. There might have been a network timeout or an internal server error such as a lost connection to the CTI server. Refer to the HTTP Errors topic in the Cisco Finesse Web Services Developer Guide. Addressing the error code and restarting the Finesse server could resolve the issue.

3. This is an indication that the Finesse Notification Service is down or misconfigured. In most cases, a reload of the page or signing in again will resolve the issue. If it does not, access the Serviceability console (//<HOST ADDRESS>/cfservice) and restart the Cisco Finesse Notification Service and/or Cisco Finesse Web Services.

Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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