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Finesse clients cannot connect to the Finesse server

Problem Summary

Agents cannot sign in and connect to the Finesse server.

Error Message None
Possible Cause

To log a user into the Finesse client, the Finesse server must be able to access the Administration & Data Server database (AWDB) to authenticate the user. Problems that can prevent the Finesse server from connecting to the AWDB include the following:

  • User configuration issues
  • Solution configuration issues
  • Connectivity issues

If the problem is limited to a single user or group of users, it is likely a user configuration issue (such as an incorrect password). If the problem occurs for all users, it is likely a solution configuration or connectivity issue.

Recommended Action
  1. Sign in to the Administration Console and verify that the following information in the Contact Center Enterprise Administration & Data Server Settings gadget is correct:
    • Primary Host/IP Address: Host for the primary Administration & Data Server)
    • Backup Host/IP Address: Host for the backup Administration & Data Server)
    • AW Database Name: Name of AWDB
    • Database Port: Port that the SQL server listens to
    • Domain: Domain for the Administration & Data Server
    • Username: Username to connect to the AWDB
    • Password: Password to connect to the AWDB
  2. If the settings are correct, confirm that Cisco Tomcat was restarted after they were changed. Cycle the Cisco Tomcat service or reboot the Finesse server.
    Note: Cycling the Cisco Tomcat service or rebooting the Finesse server will impact agents and should be done during a maintenance window.
  3. Use the CLI on the Finesse server to verify there is not a network routing issue to the "Primary Host/IP Address. Use the following command:
    utils network ping <Primary Host/IP Address>
    You should have 0% packet loss and a very low latency. If this is not the case, contact your network administrator.
  4. If you can reach the Administration & Data Server, verify that you can access the SQL server. Possible reasons that you cannot access the SQL server include the following:
    • Tcplp protocol is not enabled on the SQL server
    • Tcplp protocol is not enabled on the AWDB
    • Remote connections are not enabled on the AWDB
    • Username/password are incorrect
    • Database port is being blocked by a router
  5. Use the Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager (MSQLSCM) to ensure that TCP/IP protocol is enabled on the SQL server:
    SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for MSSQLSERVER > TCP/IP (TCP/IP protocol must be set to Enabled. If you need to change this setting, restart the SQL server.)
  6. After you confirm that TCP/IP protocol is enabled on the SQL Server, verify that it is also enabled on the database. Using MSQLMS, log in as the administrator and verify that the SQL Server is running: Check Services and make sure SQL Server and SQL Server Agent processes are running.
  7. Using MSQLMS, try to log in using TCP/IP locally (File > Connect Object Explorer), specify the following information, and then click Connect:
    • Server type: Database Engine
    • Server name: <PRIMARY_AW_HOST>
    • Authentication: Windows Authentication
    • Options Button:
      • Connect to database: <AW_DATABASE_NAME>
      • Network protocol: TCP/IP
    • At this point, you are logged in as a DOMAIN administrator. Confirm this action with the DOMAIN username and password that you are using in the Contact Center Administration & Data Server Settings gadget (to ensure that the user can access the database).
    • Try a remote connection to this database.
  8. Using a machine that is on the same subnet as the Finesse server, confirm that the database port is not being blocked by a router. You can confirm this by using "telnet" as follows:
    telnet <aw-host> <aw-port>
     If the telnet command fails ("Connect failed"), the AWDB port is likely being blocked by a router. Confirm with your system administrator that this port is opened across all routers and switches.
    Note: Because you cannot run the telnet command on the Finesse server, you may need to use another machine on the same subnet as the Finesse server. Confirm that "route" (as reported by traceroute) is the same as from your Finesse server as follows:
    • From Finesse server CLI: utils network traceroute <primary-aw-host>
    • From Windows machine on the same subnet: tracert <primary-aw-host>
    • From LINUX machine on the same subnet: traceroute <primary-aw-host>
Each of these commands returns a list of routers and switches that are accessed to get from the source to the destination machine. These routers and switches must be exactly the same and in the same order.


Release 9.1(1)
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