Desktop: Desktop Tools are Unresponsive or Disabled

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Desktop: Desktop Tools are Unresponsive or Disabled

Problem Summary The desktop components are non-responsive.
Error Message HTTP 500 or HTTP 503
Possible Cause A 500 error indicates that a connection to the CTI server is lost, or it is in OUT_OF_SERVICE status.

A 503 error indicates that the connection is in the PARTIAL_SERVICE status.

Recommended Action Try these actions in the sequence listed:
  • This disabled condition might be temporary. The agent can sign out of the desktop and then sign in again.
  • The Administrator can check the network connections.
  • The Administrator can launch the Serviceability Console to check the status of the service and to perform a Restart if necessary.
  • The Administrator can run CLI commands to view that status, and if needed, to restart the services.
  • The Administrator can check if the CTI Server is up and running.
Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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