Desktop: Agent sign in fails after installation

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Desktop: Agent sign in fails after installation

Problem Summary After a fresh installation of Finesse, agents cannot sign in to the desktop.
Error Message Invalid username or password. Please try again.
Possible Cause

Common issues include

  • Username or password is incorrect.
  • The Domain was not configured during installation.
  • The agent is not properly configured in Unified CCE.
  • The AWDB is not configured correctly.
  • Cisco Tomcat was not restarted after configuration.
  • The agent's device is not configured correctly in Unified CM.
Recommended Action
  • Verify that the username and password is correct.
  • Verify that a valid domain was configured during installation and that forward and reverse DNS are set up correctly. To check if DNS was configured during installation, check the install.log for the following:

    InstallWizard|USER_ACTION_BTN_PUSH: Screen = DNS Client Configuration, button pushed = No|<LVL::Info

    The preceding message indicates that DNS was not configured during the installation. If this is the case, reinstall Finesse and configure the DNS with a valid domain. For information about collecting Finesse logs, see the section "Commands Supported for Cisco Finesse" in the
    User Guide for the Cisco Finesse Administration and Serviceability Consoles.
  • Verify that the agent has been configured in Unified CCE.
  • Verify that the AWDB is configured correctly:
    • Check the realm.log for the following line:
      "ERROR - Cannot connect to any AWDB! Ensure that at least one AWDB is configured properly and running!" 
      This line indicates that Finesse cannot connect to the AWDB. 
    • Check that the values entered in the Contact Center Enterprise Administration & Data Server Settings gadget are correct.
      • Verify that the username entered is a Windows domain user.
      • Verify that the username is not prepended with the domain (for example: domain\username). 
    • Check that the AWDB is set up correctly and is running:
      • The AWDB SQL server must use Windows authentication.
      • Verify that the AWDB machine is up and that the Distributor service is running.
      • Verify that the port configured in the Contact Center Enterprise Administration & Data Server gadget is open to the Finesse server.
  • Restart Cisco Tomcat on the primary and secondary Finesse servers.
  • Verify that the agent's device is properly configured in Unified CM and is active.
Release Release 8.5(3), Release 9.0(1), Release 9.1(1)
Associated CDETS # None


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