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Log profile feature has been built upon Spring Framework. Here we have a controller that represents a component that receives HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse like a HttpServlet but is able to participate in an MVC work-flow. The controller for log profile feature is named as So as soon as any request is received by this controller we get into a method. Each method uses a logging notation as below:-

ProfileController <request Mapping link> <method name> <entered|exited>

For ex. When we click upon Trace->Profile, we will see following in the MADM logs:-

ProfileController /profile/profilelist.htm setupForm entered

Here the URL that's being requested is https://<IP/hostname>:8443/uccxservice/profile/profilelist.htm. So, in logs we display first the controller name, then the requested URL which is /profile/profilelist.htm, then the method name and finally entered which shows that we are entering into this method. Similarly, when the internal operations are finished in this method and we are about to exit then we display

ProfileController /profile/profilelist.htm setupForm exiting

Similarly, all the creation, update, deletion and activation operations on log profile are traced in MADM logs. When any failures happen in them, then we can go through these traces and find out where exactly the code has failed.

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