Database: Executing the “show db synchronization status” command on the primary ORA DB server, does not show any information

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The “show db_synchronization status [db_ora_meta|db_ora_config]” command does not show information when executed on the primary ORA DB server

Problem Summary When both ORA DB servers are up and you execute the CLI command “show db_synchronization status [db_ora_meta|db_ora_config]” on the primary ORA DB server, the command returns no status information and shows a CLI command prompt only.

Error Message None.
Possible Cause When you execute the command, the results come from Informix, and Informix will populate the data from either server.

Recommended Action If both ORA primary and secondary DB servers are up, and you do not get any information by executing the command on the primary ORA DB, execute the command on the secondary ORA DB. If no information is returned by either server, the data is already in sync between the servers and no sync job needs to run.

Release Release 8.5(1), Release 8.5(2), Release 8.5(3), Release 8.5(4), and Release 9.0(1).

Associated CDETS # None.

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