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Database not updated after event forwarding

Problem Summary

When a client receives an event that was forwarded from the other application server and immediately issues a query to the forwarding server to get additional data related to the event, it does not see the updates that were reported in the event.

Error Message


Possible Cause

The client is querying the wrong server. If the event is forwarded from the other server, there will be a flag in the event that indicates this. Whenever the client receives such a message and it wishes to immediately query for information related to that event, it must issue the query to the other server, not the forwarding server.

Event forwarding takes place in parallel with database replication. When an event is forwarded from the server in which a database change occurred, the recipient can be sure that the data on that server has already been updated. However, there is no guarantee that the forwarding server's database was also updated.

Note Note: The forwarding node's database will be updated and the data will eventually be replicated.
Recommended Action

If the recipient (client) needs to query the metadata immediately after receiving an event, then the client should issue that query to the server which originated the event--not to the server which forwarded the event.

Release Release 8.5(1), Release 8.5(2), Release 8.5(3), Release 8.5(4), and Release 9.0(1).
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