Data Sources: Causes of database connection failure

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[[Category:Unified IC, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified IC, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Cisco Unified Intelligence Center, Release 10.0(1)]]

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Data Sources: Database connection failure

Problem Summary Test Connection fails for the data source
Error Message Various
Possible Cause Possible causes include:
 * Invalid username or password
 * Invalid database name
 * Invalid DNS name or IP address of database server
 * Invalid Database port
 * Database port is blocked by Router/Firewall
 * MS SQL Server is not set to “Mixed Authentication Mode”
 * Invalid Database Instance name (for Informix)
 * Invalid Charset
 * Loss of network connection or sluggish connection
 * Database user does not have the permission to access the required database 
 * Database TCP/IP protocol and/or remote connection is not correctly configured.
 * Database service is not restarted after configuration changes
Recommended Action Consider the list of possible causes. Determine and prioritize which might be the cause in your situation. Resolve appropriately.
Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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