Data Center Multi-Layer VPC Design Aggregation Layer Failure Scenarios (LACP) Configuration Example: Part I

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Data Center Multi-Layer VPC design aggregation layer failure scenarios are depicted in this document. The tests involve a multiple VPC domain design with VPC extended from Core to Aggregation as well as Aggregation to Access. The Failure scenarios covered in this test document are the following

   * Failure of the Peer Keepalive link - simulated by the shutdown of Ethernet1/1 on AGG1 router
   * Failure of a single link in the Peer-link bundle- Simulated by shutting down either Ethernet2/1 on the AGG1 router
   * Failure of the peer-link port-channel- Simulated by shutting down the Port-channel 3000 interface between AGG1 and AGG2 routers
   * SFM module failure on Aggregation router
   * Supervisor Failure/switchover on an aggregation router
   * Linecard failure on the AGG1 router
   * Failure of an aggregation node


Verification of operation of VPC and its configuration using the following commands

   * show vpc brief
   * show port-channel summary
   * show port-channel traffic
   * show run int port-channel xxxx
   * show run vpc

ESTIMATED TIME 120 minutes


Sample topology.jpg


Related show Commands

This section provides information you can use to confirm your configuration is working properly.

Certain show commands are supported by the Output Interpreter Tool (registered customers only), which allows you to view an analysis of show command output.

Show running-config

Add show running config of your device

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