Customer Website not Able to Inject Contact

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Customer Website Not Able to Inject Contact

Problem Summary While trying to inject a contact, a customer website or intervening proxy displays error.
Error Message
Possible Cause Proxy or firewall issue.
Recommended Action

- It is possible that the injected contact does not reach the SocialMiner server.
- Verify customer's proxy and firewall.
- Verify SocialMiner system condition by using the following API:
[http:// <socialminer_hostname>/ccp-webapp/ccp/serviceability?category=systemConditions http://<socialminer_hostname>/ccp-webapp/ccp/serviceability?category=systemConditions].
- To verify that the request is getting to SocialMiner, check the logs.
 You can access the logs the following ways: 
- Use the administration gadget, by clicking log directory user System Logs [1]
- Use the wget command.
For example (to download all logs), wget --mirror http://<administrator login>:<administrator password>@<SocialMiner's IP>/ccp-webapp/logs/.
- Use RTMT in mmca directory.

In the logs look to verify incoming requests are in the ccpapi directory.
The latest file that starts with CCBU will have an entry for every request that comes into the system that looks like this:

0000000314: Mar 13 2012 17:08:37.787 -0400: %CCBU_INFRASTRUCTURE-6-REQUEST_START:
[parameter_name={ tags=[], author=[Name], title=[Title], extensionField_email=[], description=[],
feedID=[103794], extensionField_chatLogo=[./img/ciscoLogoColor.png],
extensionField_chatWaitingText=[Welcome, please wait while we connect you with an available customer
care representative.],
extensionField_comments=[], extensionField_phone=[], }][resource_name=/chat/form/103794][usr=admin]:
Request start

If you find an entry like that matching the customer-submitted data at the time they submitted the form, then the request reached SocialMiner and the customer website and proxy are all working correctly. Contact SocialMiner for assistance.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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