Configuring CMB Parameters for the Listener Instance

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Listener Instance

  1. Log-in to the SA console and Navigate to System > Partitions > default > Listener > Listener
  2. In the top right pane select UCUM (This is the instance for the agent PG)
  3. In the lower right properties pane for UCUM double click on the CMB Parameters

Properties UCUM.jpg

CMB Configuration Page pop-up

  1. Select the Agent PG for this instance
  2. Enter the IP Address of Cisco Media Blender
  3. Enter the Port For Cisco Media Blender; the default value is 1099
  4. You will need to hit enter twice the first time you enter these values
  5. If the wrong IP address or port is selected the CMB Parameters will not be saved
  6. There will never be a side B IP address - would need a separate Application Instance for an additional CMB instance

CMB Parameter configuration.jpg

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