Configuration: Setting Folder Permissions Failed

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Configuration: Setting Folder Permissions Failed

Problem Summary Failed to set the CUIS folder permissions.
Error Message Setting Folder Permissions Failed
Possible Cause The configuration program did not set the folder permissions.
Recommended Action If you see this message, look at the CuisConfigTool.Log file and make every effort to resolve the error based on the information in that file.

Only if it is not possible to resolve the matter from information in the CuisConfigTool log, set folder permissions as follows:

1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory where the web application is stored(<CUIS_HOME>\CuisWeb).

2. Make sure that the only permissions that this folder has are the following. (Permissions should apply to the directory and to all subdirectories and files within it.)

– For users in the CuisLocalUserGroup: read, read and execute, and list directory contents.

– For users in the Administrators group: full control.

– For the CUIC windows user: read, write, execute, and list directory contents.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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