Configuration: Configuring IIS Failed

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Configuration: Configuring IIS Failed

Problem Summary During Unified IS configuration, you get an error message indicating that the Configuration of Internet Information Services (IIS) server failed.
Error Message Configuring IIS failed.
Possible Cause IIS failed to add and configure CUIS as an application pool.
Recommended Action If you see this message, look at the CuisConfigTool.Log file and make every effort to resolvethe error based on the information in that file.

Only if it is not possible to resolve the matter from information in the CuisConfigTool log,manually configure IIS as follows:

1. Create an application pool. To do this, open the IIS management console. Right-click on Application Pools. Click New. Select Application Pool.

2. Enter the name as CUIS application pool.

3. Leave the Use default settings for application pools radio buttons selected and click OK.

4. Right-click the new application pool and select Properties.

5. In the Identity tab, select the Configurable radio button and enter the credentials of the Unified IC internal user.

6. Create a web application. To do this, open the IIS management console. Right-click on Web Sites. Click New; then Web Site.

7. For Description, enter CUIS Website.

8. For Path, browse to the CuisWeb directory inside the <CUIS_HOME> directory.

9. For Allow Anonymous Access, select False.

10. Allow the following permissions: Read, Run Scripts, Execute.

11. Accept the defaults for all other fields.

12. Right-click on the newly created web application and select Properties.

13. In the Home Directory tab, for the Application pool, select the CUIS application pool.

14. In the Directory Security tab, in Authentication and Access Control, click Edit.

15. Check only the Integrated Windows Authentication checkbox.

16. Under Web Service Extensions in the IIS management console, make sure that ASP.NETv2.0.50727 is allowed.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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