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(Components in deactivated state)
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[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.0]]
[[Category:Unified CCX, Release 8.5]]

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Components in deactivated state

Problem Summary Few components in either node are in de-activated state and we need to activate them
Error Message The control center shows components are not running and/or functionality of associated components is affected
Possible Cause Due to some errors the components that were failing were put in de-activated state
Recommended Action

1. Login into uccxservice using uccx admin credentials

2. Once login is successful, while in the main page, type the URL https://<uccx ip>:8443/uccxservice/componentactivation/getnodelist.htm

3. In this page select the node for which component state needs to be verified

4. If the components are showing as de-activated, then click the "Activate All" button to initiate the activation for the same

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS #

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