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This compatibility matrix specifies all supported configurations and versions for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise. The information in this compatibility matrix supersedes compatibility information in any other Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise documentation. If a configuration or version is not stated, that configuration or version is not supported.
The following list contains compatibility information for specific versions of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (Unified CCE or CCE). Click the required link. For general compatibility information that applies across all versions of CCE, see additional information below on this page.

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General Compatibility Information for CCE

The following sections contain compatibility information that applies to all versions of CCE.

For Information on
Scope/Further Reading
Unified CCE Compatibility with Service/Maintenance Releases Except where specifically noted otherwise (in the tables below), Unified CCE supports all service/maintenance releases for compatible component versions. Cisco recommends that you run the latest available service/maintenance releases for Unified CCE components. For more information on the Unified CCE software maintenance strategy, see the Software Release and Support Methodology: ICM/IPCC.
Component Versions Supported During Upgrade This document lists component versions supported for new installs and full upgrades. It does not list component versions that may be temporarily supported during an upgrade period. Consult the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Installation and Upgrade Guide for your Unified CCE version for a list of any additional component versions supported during upgrade.
Unified CCE Component End of Life Notices
Find out when a Cisco product has reached its End of Life and what product upgrade and substitution options.

Because this guide lists component versions until they reach last-date-of-support (the final stage in the end-of-life process) some of the component versions listed herein may have reached end-of-sale or end-of-software-maintenance-release.

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