Commonly used regular expressions

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Commonly used regular expressions

Regular Expression Used for
Execute step of Task 65000000666 Used to trace the steps executed for a specific task. Required ENG tracing to be turned on.
445367|445366 When trying to trace calls which involves a transfer and two media ids.
SS_TEL.*2043779 For all SS_TEL messages for a call or a port.
PlatformException|InvalidStateException|Call\.rejected|Call\.aborted Common call failures
Call.rece|Call.abando|Call.reject|Call.abort Tracing several calls and their state changes at once.
(445367\|445366)/2 [a-z]* Grepping only JTAPI events of multiple calls.
SS_TEL|CiscoAddrRemovedEv|CiscoAddrOutOfService Tracking address events.
calculateSubsystemState Checking for JTAPI subsystem states.

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