Cluster time synch fails

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== Cluster time synch fails ==
== Cluster time synch fails ==

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Cluster time synch fails

Problem Summary The cluster time on the Cisco Unified CCX machines (on the same cluster) is not synchronized with the Cisco Unified CM.
Error Message The Network Time Protocol Service on the Cisco Unified CCX machine exits with a message in the event log stating that the time difference is greater than the threshold.
Possible Cause The NTP service has a built-in threshold of 1000 seconds. If the time difference between the NTP client (Cisco Unified CCX machines) and the server (Cisco Unified CM) is more than this threshold, the NTP service does not correct the time.
Recommended Action

Do the following:

  • Manually set the clock on each Cisco Unified CCX machine in the cluster. The Time on the Cisco Unified CCX machines should be approximately the same as the time on the Cisco Unified CM machine.
  • Restart the Network Time Protocol service on the Cisco Unified CCX machines, using the Service Control Manager.
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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