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Welcome to Cisco Unity Express!

Documentation on the Cisco DocWiki

TBD: Link here to the PI Programming Guide

Other Documentation

The majority of the documentation for Cisco Unity Express can be found on here:

Printing the PI Programming Guide as a PDF

TBD: link TBD


The use of monitoring, recording, or listening devices to eavesdrop, monitor, retrieve, or record phone conversations or other sound activities, whether or not contemporaneous with transmission, may be illegal in certain circumstances under federal, state and/or local laws. Legal advice should be sought prior to implementing any practice that monitors or records any phone conversation. Some laws require some form of notification to all parties to a phone conversation, such as by using a beep tone or other notification method or requiring the consent of all parties to the phone conversation, prior to monitoring or recording the phone conversation. Some of these laws incorporate strict penalties. In cases where local laws require a periodic beep while a conversation is being recorded, the Cisco Unity Express voice-mail system provides a user with the option of activating "the beep." Prior to activating the Cisco Unity Express live record function, check the laws of all applicable jurisdictions. This is not legal advice and should not take the place of obtaining legal advice from a lawyer. IN ADDITION TO THE GENERAL DISCLAIMER THAT ACCOMPANIES THIS CISCO UNITY EXPRESS PRODUCT, CISCO ADDITIONALLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY, BOTH CIVIL AND CRIMINAL, AND ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE UNAUTHORIZED AND/OR ILLEGAL USE OF THIS CISCO UNITY EXPRESS PRODUCT. THIS DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT NECESSARILY LIMITED TO, THE UNAUTHORIZED AND/OR ILLEGAL RECORDING AND MONITORING OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS IN VIOLATION OF APPLICABLE FEDERAL, STATE AND/OR LOCAL LAWS.

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