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About Viewing Object Details

Administrator can use this API to fetch the object details, such as ObjectType and current Object Version of any user, contact, distribution list, partition or search space that is replicated across the HTTP(S) network. The following is an example of the GET request that fetches the details of an object either local or remote associated with the specified object ID:

GET: https://<connection-server>/vmrest/httpslinks/objectdetails/<objectid>

Administrator can obtain the objectid of an object by using the following APIs :

API Object Name
/vmrest/globalusers Global Users
/vmrest/contacts Contacts
/vmrest/distributionlists Distribution Lists
/vmrest/partitions Partitions
/vmrest/searchspaces Search spaces

The following is the response from the above *GET* request for a user:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
ObjectType>1</ObjectType >

JSON Example

To view the Object Details of a particular user:

GET: https://<connection-server>/vmrest/httpslinks/objectdetails/<objectid>
Accept: application/json
Content-type: application/json
Connection: keep-alive

The following is the response from the above *GET* request and the actual response will depend upon the information given by you:

  "URI":"/vmrest/httpslinks/objectdetails/ 0bfc924e-4336-48f9-9b3a-3f6c038d49a9",
  "ObjectId":" 0bfc924e-4336-48f9-9b3a-3f6c038d49a9",
  "HomeLocationObjectId":" e57b8538-660c-4d7c-8867-4410716131ca",
  "HomeLocationURI":"/vmrest/locations/connectionlocations/ e57b8538-660c-4d7c-8867-4410716131ca",

Explanation of Data Fields
The following chart lists the data fields:

Parameter Data Type Operations Description
URI String Read-only URI that fetches the details of an object.
ObjectId char(36) Read-only Object id of a particular object like user, contact, distribution list, search space and partition.
ObjectType smallint Read-only Specifies the type of the object.

Values can be:

  • 1-User
  • 2-Distribution List
  • 22-Contact
  • 105- Partition
  • 106- Search Space
HomeLocationObjectId char(36) Read-only Location Object id of the object
HomeLocationURI String Read-only Location URI
CurrentObjectVersion int Read-only Specifies the version of the object.

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