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Send Message Settings

The following URI can be used to view the user template object ID:

    GET https://<connection-server>/vmrestvmrest/usertemplates/<usertemplateobjectid>

Update Send Message Settings


The following is the response from the above *PUT* request and the actual response will depend upon the information given by you:

Response Code: 204

Explanation of Data Fields

Parameter Data Type Values
SendBroadcastMsg Boolean User Can Send Broadcast Messages to Users on This Server


  • 0: Cannot send broadcast messages.
  • 1: Can send broadcast messages.

Default value: False

UpdateBroadcastMsg Boolean User Can Update Broadcast Messages Stored on This Server
AddressMode Integer Address mode options.
  • 0: Spelling the Last Name Then First Name
  • 1: Entering the extension
  • 2: Spelling the First Name Then Last Name
NameConfirmation Boolean Confirm Recipient by Name
ContinuousAddMode Boolean Continue Adding Names after Each Recipient. Default value: False
UseDynamicNameSearchWeight Boolean Automatically Add Recipients to Addressing Priority List
EnableSaveDraft Boolean Allow Users to Save Draft Messages
RetainUrgentMessageFlag Boolean Retain Urgency Flag When Forwarding or Replying to Messages
SendMessageOnHangup Integer Allow addressing a message or discard Message or save Message as draft on hanging.
  • 0: Discard Message
  • 1: Send Message
  • 2: Save Message as Draft

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