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About SMTP Proxy Addresses

This page contains information on how to use the API to list SMTP Proxy Addresses.

Listing and Viewing

The following is an example of a GET that lists all <element name>:

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/smtpproxyaddresses

The following is the response from the above GET request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<SmtpProxyAddresses total="2">

To retrieve a sorted list of all SMTP Proxy Addresses, add the following query parameter: sort=(column [asc | desc])

For example, to retrieve a list of all SMTP Proxy Addresses sorted by SMTP Address in ascending order:

GET http://<connection-server>vmrest/smtpproxyaddresses?sort=(smtpaddress%20asc)

To retrieve a specific SMTP Proxy Address by its object ID:

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/smtpproxyaddresses/<objectid>

An SMTP Proxy Address can belong to one of four different objects: a global user, a contact, a distribution list, or a private list. In the above example, both SMTP Proxy Addresses belong to a user because ObjectGlobalUserObjectId property is set. The SMTP Proxy Address belongs to a contact if the ObjectContactObjectId property is set, a distribution list if the ObjectDistributionListObjectId property is set, or a private list if the ObjectPersonalGroupObjectId is set.


To retrieve a list of SMTP Proxy Addresses that meet a specified search criteria, add the following query parameter to a GET: query=(column [is | startswith] value)

For example, to find all SMTP Proxy Addresses with an SMTP Address that starts with "a":

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/smtpproxyaddresses?query=(smtpaddress%20startswith%20a)

The following properties can be used for searching and sorting SMTP Proxy Addresses:

  • SmtpAddress
  • ObjectId
  • ObjectContactObjectId
  • ObjectDistributionListObjectId
  • ObjectGlobalUserObjectId
  • ObjectPersonalGroupObjectId

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